Dive into the detail

Dig into the nitty-gritty to learn more about the quality of your tap water. Or why not find out how much water you and your household use? A meter is just the piece of kit you need to start your water-use investigations.

The quality of your drinking water

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Track your use and more

A meter will not just help you save water, but also money. Customers who install a meter usually end up £300-£400 better off because of it.

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Need our help with something related to your water?

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Who owns what?

Find out which pipes belong to you and which belong to us. Worried about a leak? We might be able to help with that.

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Report a problem

Whatever the issue – leaks, bursts, or leaky loos - our team will be able to help.

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Water is Precious

Every drop you save is precious and makes a huge difference to our rivers and reservoirs, keeping them healthy places for wildlife to live.

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A precious resource

All the water that ends up in your home is reliant on one thing – rain. Rainwater is captured in our 21 reservoirs, over 4,400 miles of rivers, and a few groundwater sources too. It's our job to transport this 'raw' water to our treatment works, and from there to your taps. We treat it to such a standard that your drinking water is some of the best in the world.

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The journey of water

From cloud to tap, the journey of water is a real adventure. From collecting and transporting, to treating and pumping - our people go above and beyond to look after the network and keep your water supply safe and resilient for the future. 

From cloud to tap

Find out exactly what we do to make sure your water is safe to drink.

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How we're improving our service to you

Day to day, our skilled technicians, engineers, and contractors manage and maintain the operation and performance of our drinking water network. This involves finding and fixing leaks, fitting meters, monitoring rivers and transferring water around the network to where it's needed.

Into the future, we have some major plans to upgrade our network to make it even bigger and better. These plans take us up to 2050 when we will have achieved:

reduction in leaks*
of customers on smart meters
consumption per person per day
209million litres
less water taken from rivers per day

*compared to 2017/18 levels.

To make these plans a reality, we’ll be working with our wonderful partners including the Wildlife Trusts, Historic England, the Environment Agency, the National Trust and local and district councils.

Our plan for your water