Our vision – Bringing water to life

Bringing water to life – it’s why we’re here and it’s what we do. Through thousands of miles of pipework, running across some of the most beautiful landscapes (we know we’re biased!), and for a population that fluctuates by the millions each year. We make sure that everyone turning on a tap or flushing the loo can do so without even thinking about it.

But there’s a lot more we’re doing and have planned.

Our customers can rely on us to provide water and wastewater services to their homes. So they’re looking at the work we need to do to protect other places they love. They’re just as passionate about the work we do as we are.

That’s why we’re tailoring our future actions to our customers’ interests and expectations. We’re committed to making a difference and are already working on reducing the use of storm overflows, preventing pollution, and reducing leakage. Tackling climate change, improving our environmental performance, and investing in new technologies are just some of the ways we’re looking to bring an aging system into the 21st century.

Delivering for our customers

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Delivering for our customers

For the people…

We want to be a company you can be proud of. We want every interaction with us to be a positive one – whether it’s resolving issues quickly or meeting us out and about on jobs. We want you to receive the best possible service however you choose to engage with us.

At home, we want you to be satisfied with your water in every single glass and each cup of tea.

Most of all, we want you to comfortably afford our services – and not worry about the accuracy of your bills.

We want every customer who is eligible to receive the practical support they need from us. No one should suffer in silence, which is why we’re working hard to expose and irradicate water poverty across our service area.

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Delivering for our customers

…and places they love…

We’re working hard to ensure our network is resilient - so you can be confident that your water supply is protected from the impacts of climate change, such as drought or flooding.

-          Did you know our leakage levels are the lowest in the industry, and leaks are fixed within days of reporting?

We’re proud to serve a region which is the holiday destination of choice. So, we want it to be the place where no one has to worry about what’s in the water when they jump into the sea or local river. Where bathing waters are compliant 365 days of the year, not just in bathing season.

-          Did you know that 100% of the South West’s bathing waters met the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) water quality standards in 2022

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Delivering for our customers

…for generations to come.

Our work towards Net Zero and natural solutions will secure the operation of our networks for whatever the future holds. Using 100% renewable energy sources, increasing water resources, and decreasing our own carbon emissions and those of our suppliers, are just some of the ways we’re doing that.

We’re proud of our region, and the people who we work with and for. So, we take our responsibility as guardians of this wonderful place very seriously. You can rely on us to do all we can to improve, invest and support it, now, and in the future.

Taking our customers along with us side-by-side

We know we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re confident we’re going to get there.

As part of our WaterShare+ scheme, customers can keep us accountable at our public meetings, held to give customers a say in what we do and where we invest. It’s important to us to keep communicating with our customers so that we’re always aware of their top priorities for our progression.

We’re committed to providing them with an affordable, fast-acting and responsive service, that reflects their expectations. To help keep them on our journey with us, we’re looking to further expand our ability to share our performance, progress and business insights in the digital world. Following the success of WaterFit Live, we’re looking at other ways to provide open and transparent information to customers on a near-real-time basis, or as customers need it.

More about our plans

There's lots more detail about our plans, both up to 2050 and the more short-term five-year business plan which will take the company up to 2030.

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Find out more about our services

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Your water

From its natural source to your taps, we work 24/7 to make sure you get a safe, clean and reliable water supply all year round, no matter what.

Find out what happens behind the scenes
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Your wastewater

Across the region, we work tirelessly every single day to make sure your wastewater is taken away, treated, and then responsibly released into the environment.

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