Managing a water-recycling system

We work around the clock to make sure there's always an uninterrupted, high-quality drinking water supply, and effective wastewater services. That means when one of our 1.8 million customers turns on a tap, or flushes the toilet, it works.

Running a water company is effectively running a water-recycling system.

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What we do

Keeping rivers and reservoirs healthy upstream

Using natural solutions and basic land management techniques we keep the water in the environment as clean as we can. The cleaner it is, the less energy it takes to treat it to drinkable standards.
Water resources
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What we do

Treating water

When water enters our treatment works from the rivers, it’s filtered through natural materials to remove any bacteria, and other nasty substances. We finish the treatment process with a small dose of chlorine to disinfect the water, and then it’s sent down the pipes to your homes and businesses.
Lifecycle of your water
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What we do

Using water

All aspects of human life depends on water. You drink it. It’s used to make your food, your clothes, your house, your medicine. Things we take for granted like swimming pools and restaurants couldn’t run without it. Try putting out a fire without water. Or treating a wound. With so much depending on it, it only makes sense to save every drop.
Water-saving advice
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What we do

Treating wastewater

Treating wastewater involves removing debris, killing bacteria, and removing ammonia and other harmful compounds. Once it’s been treated, it can be safely released back into the rivers and the sea.
Lifecycle of your wastewater
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What we do

Looking after our rivers and seas downstream

Reducing the quantity of surface water that enters our sewers is just one of the ways we’re helping to prevent sewer flooding, pollutions and storm overflow events. This in turn helps keep our beaches and bathing waters clean and safe to use.
Our promise to seas and rivers

For households

Across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and parts of Dorset and Somerset, we serve 1.7 million people, making sure you have water in your taps and taking away your sewage.

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Your water

From its natural source to your taps, we work 24/7 to make sure you get a safe, clean and reliable water supply all year round, no matter what.

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Your wastewater

Across the region, we work tirelessly every single day to make sure your wastewater is taken away, treated, and then responsibly released into the environment.

What happens after water gets used?

For businesses

Unlike households, businesses can choose who supplies their water and wastewater needs. Instead of coming directly to us, you can choose from a range of different retailers, much like in the energy and telecom sectors.

Find a retailer

If you run a business and are interested in swapping supplier, checking you’re getting the best deal, or want to know more about what we can offer you, follow the link below.

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For developers and home-improvement project managers

We’re one of the fastest growing regions in the country. We connect around 8,000 new properties each year to our water and wastewater networks. Our team in Developer Services are knowledgeable on all things concerning water and sewerage connections on newbuilds. So, whether you’re building an extension, new property or a whole new estate, our team can support you with your new connections.

Are you building something?

There’s a lot to think about on a building project. But we can help by giving you a tailored checklist of the things you’ll need to consider when it comes to any water and wastewater connections.

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