We’re delighted to confirm that the Government contribution of £50 reduction on household bills will continue to be applied for 2023/24.

The reduction ensures fair bills for our customers, given that 3% of the nation’s population lives in our region but we invested £2 billion through the Clean Sweep programme to clean-up a third of the country’s bathing waters.

The £50 on your bill

  • The reduction applies to billed, household customers within our service area (excluding the Isles of Scilly). It’s a £50 reduction and not linked to how much water you use
  • The reduction will be deducted from your bills and show as ‘Government Contribution’
  • If your bill is £50 or more in a full charging year, you will receive £50 over the year
  • If you're on a meter, the reduction amount will equate to 13.7p per day; the GC50 reduction will appear on your bill either as a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly discount, dependent on your bill frequency
  • If your bill is less than £50 a year, you’ll receive a reduction up to the amount you pay.