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Why do I have no water?

There could be a few reasons for this: Emergency work on a burst main Planned work where we’ve notified you in advance An airlock in your system following work An issue with your internal plumbing Neighbours carrying out work on a joint supply Have a look at our In your area site to find out if there’s any work causing no water. If you can't find any, you may want to check with neighbours to...

How do I change or remove a name on my bill?

We can call you back to discuss changes to your name because you’ve got married, adding or removing a person to your bill account or correcting a billing address.Please complete the details in our Arrange a free call back section on the right.

Why do I have low pressure?

If you’ve noticed sudden low pressure:There could be a few reasons for this, a burst main for example that is causing a sudden dip in your pressure or flow. You will need to carry out a few checks: Check if the low pressure is only affecting your hot water, this would indicate an internal plumbing problem and you’ll need to contact a plumber. Approved plumbers can be found through WaterSafe or on...

What area do you serve?

We provide water and sewerage services to Devon, Cornwall and small parts of Dorset and Somerset. Our region is nearly 4,300 square miles (11,137 square kilometres) in size. There are 1.6 million residents and around 5 million visitors a year. We provide clean water to 97% of people, 3% have private supplies. We take away used water from 88% of people, 12% have private sewerage arrangements like...


What will the charges be at a house that I’m moving to?

Your Estate or Property Agent should be able to provide you with more details. If the property has a water meter, you'll be charged for the amount of water you use in cubic metres. If not, the charge is based and calculated on the Rateable Value of the property. If you’d like to check if the property is on a meter, we’ll call you back to confirm this. Please complete the details in our Arrange a...

Where can I find my customer reference number?

Your 10 digit customer reference number can be found at the top of your latest bill.If you can’t find your bill, we can call you back. Please complete the details in our Arrange a free call back section on this page. If you've already registered for My Account and chosen a user ID you can log in here.

Can I get a discount on water that doesn’t drain to the sewer?

Yes, if you are being charged for sewerage that includes surface water drainage and you believe that your surface water doesn’t enter a public sewer, complete our form to apply for a reduction. If you use a large amount of water outside of your home, you may want to consider paying to have an external sub meter.

Why are bills so high in the South West?

In the South West we enjoy miles of open countryside and coastline – and this has an impact on our water and wastewater bills. For example, the cost of the many thousands of miles of pipes we need to get drinking water to everyone in our area, and to take wastewater away, has to be paid for by a relatively small number of people and this means slightly higher water bills than in other areas. To...


Where is my meter located?

Generally we install meters outside of your home in the footpath or front garden. It will sit within a chamber under a small square or rectangular cover and will usually be labelled with ‘meter’ or ‘water’.     You may need to use a tool to scoop out any soil or rain water that has built up inside the chamber. Your meter will have a unique serial number which is shown on your bill, so you need to...

How do I read my meter?

Your meter will look similar to the meters in the pictures below;         How to read your meter If you have an outside meter, lift the chamber lid using a screwdriver or similar tool. You may need to use a tool to scoop out any soil or rain water that has built up inside the chamber. Make sure that the unique serial number on the meter matches with your bill. On the meter face, read the black or...

How long will it take to install a meter?

We’ll install the meter within 3 months of receiving your meter application. If there is a delay on the installation, we’ll use readings taken after the meter is installed to back-date charges to the date it should have been installed. Sometimes it’s possible to fit the meter at the time of the survey, which will only take a few minutes. However, if a new meter unit needs to be installed outside,...

Can I go back to unmetered charges if I’ve switched to a meter?

If you don’t think that switching to a meter was of any benefit, you have 2 years from when the meter was installed to go back to unmetered charges. For more information on this and exceptions, please see our Code of Practice on Charges, Bills and Water Meters. If you want to go back to unmetered charges, please take a meter reading and we’ll call you back to take the details. Please complete the...


What do I do if I have a leak on my shared supply pipe?

If the leak is occurring on a section of pipe that one person only is responsible for, they will need to arrange for its repair. There's information here about leaks on shared supply pipes. If it’s not clear where the leak is, or it’s a section of pipe supplying a number of properties, it is the joint responsibility of the owners of the properties to reach an agreement on what needs to be done....

How do I report a leak on my supply pipe?

You can complete our online leak form or call our Services Helpline 0344 346 2020 It will be your responsibility to repair it and approved plumbers can be found through WaterSafe or on the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme [WIAPS]. We’ll send you an information pack which will include help and advice on how to resolve your leak and the relevant claim forms if you qualify for a contribution or...

What do I do if I have a leak inside my house?

You can watch our video to find out where the leak is. If you’ve confirmed a leak inside your house by carrying out a leak check on the meter or can hear or see running water, you’ll need to speak to a plumber to check your internal pipework or fittings. Approved plumbers can be found through WaterSafe or on the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme (WIAPS) If you have insurance that covers this...

How do I know if I have a leak?

If you’re on a meterYou may have received a bill that shows a larger amount of usage than normal which may indicate a leak on your supply pipe. Watch our guide or follow our steps below to find out how to check for a leak. Step 1 – Make sure all your appliances and taps are switched offStep 2 – Turn off the internal stop tap (usually under your kitchen sink)Step 3 – Read all of the dials on your...

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