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Our team of leakage experts work around the clock pinpointing and fixing leaks as quickly as possible. It’s a big job, we’ve got 9,320 miles of pipework covering a rural and hilly region. We’re heavily investing in technology to help us use real-time data to make sure we do everything we can to find and fix leaks quicker. Find out more about how we're tackling leakage here.

We wouldn’t be able to find as many leaks and achieve one of the lowest levels for leakage in the industry without you.

No matter how big or small - if you spot a leak, let us know.

Seen a leak? See if we're on our way to fix it

Thank you for letting us know

For leaks in the road, pavement or other public areas, We aim to attend within 3 working days. Sometimes we may need permission from the council to work in the road, meaning that our repair times can take a little longer, up to 3 weeks.
Not found the leak?