What you need to do before using your water as normal

Make sure you complete all the steps relevant to you before using your water as normal. If you have been away, or your property is a holiday home or let please follow these same instructions.

5 steps for households

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Step 1: Flush cold water tanks-image
5 steps for households

Step 1: Flush cold water tanks

If you have a cold water storage tank, or have been away from your property during the Boil Water Notice, you will need to run all your cold taps on full for 30 minutes to flush your system through. If you don’t have a water storage tank, your water is fed directly from the mains so as you have used the water for things like washing and toilet flushing, you will have been flushing your system already. We will automatically apply a run-off allowance to all our measured customers’ accounts for this.

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Step 2: Replace filters around your home-image
5 steps for households

Step 2: Replace filters around your home

This applies to filter jugs and plumbed-in water filters. You will need to replace all filters with new ones.

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Step 3: Make fresh ice cubes-image
5 steps for households

Step 3: Make fresh ice cubes

You will need to discard all existing ice cubes, wash any containers that hold the ice, and remake.  If you have a plumbed-in ice machine you will need to discard the stored ice, create a fresh batch of ice (this will flush the plumbing), and repeat. The second batch of fresh ice will be safe to use.

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Step 4: Flush out boats and caravans-image
5 steps for households

Step 4: Flush out boats and caravans

You will need to drain your water tank and system, fill the tank with clean water, turn on all the taps and empty the tank again – this will flush the system. Once you’ve done that, you can refill the tank and use as normal.

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Step 5: Contact us if you have a swimming pool-image
5 steps for households

Step 5: Contact us if you have a swimming pool

If you have a private pool and need advice, please contact us on 0344 346 2020 and we can help support you.

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Steps you need to follow if you're a Business

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Check to see if the Boil Water Notice has been lifted in your area

Start typing your address (including the house name or number) to check.

How we've cleaned and protected the water supply system to be able to lift the Boil Water Notice

Since cryptosporidium was detected in our network we have worked as fast as possible to remove it and make your water safe again. To do that, our teams have:

  • Identified the source of the contamination and replaced the damaged air valve casing
  • Thoroughly cleansed our network from the tanks down to the mains in your street, using a range of cleaning techniques including ice pigging
  • Put a triple layer of protection in place including microfilters and UV at our tank and in-line microfiltration in your supply zone to provide additional barriers

From time to time, we may see low level detections of cryptosporidium at sampling points occurring after completion of our interventions. To date all of these detections have been well below the levels at which independent experts, our public health partners and the World Health Organisation consider to be a health risk for customers.

The map below shows this in detail and where the protections are now in place.

network map

Frequently Asked Questions

We know our customers have questions about what happens when the Boil Water notice is lifted, we've answered the most commonly asked questions below.

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