Stay warm and snug this winter!

It’s getting cold out there now. In the same way we’re reaching for our hats, scarves and gloves to keep ourselves toasty, our waterpipes need similar protection. If they get too cold, the water inside them freezes, expands and can split the pipe.

According to the Association of British Insurer’s, a burst pipe will cost an average of £8,800 to fix. That’s why we’ve put together top 10 tips for you.

Our top 10 tips

How to spot a leak and what to do about it

As discussed above, your meter will be the best indicator of any small, not-easily-seen leaks. If you suspect you have an internal leak, you should first turn off your water supply at the internal or external stop tap to prevent any further damage. Then call the plumber who you have contact details for.

Alternatively, if you spot a leak outside, follow the link below to find out what to do.

More about leaks


How we’re helping to keep your mind at ease

Winter is the busiest time for our technicians, who start to deal with more leaks and blockages everyday. They work tirelessly, fighting the elements, to maintain our network. However, sometimes this means that there are disruptions to your supply.

Our Priority Services are available for customers who may have individual needs that mean we need to prioritise them in the case of an emergency, e.g. a medical condition. To find out more about how we can help you, please follow this link: 

Priority services